Cherish the Days (Solo Show 2018)

“Cherish the Day” showcase was on view at LineDot Editions. It featured 30 brand new pieces that served as a direct view of childhood and innocence.

Heart of Gold.JPG
On My Way Down-1.jpg
Happy Meal.JPG
No Harm Done.JPG
Dear to You.JPG

Heavy Artillery

Heavy Artillery is an exhibition curated by Antonio B. and includes artists residing in Chicago. Each artists was supplied a jacket and their duty was to customize a jacket in their own style with their artistic abilities.


Restless II - "Forever Young"

Restless II was an exhibition that centered around skateboard culture.  I wanted to make a piece that conveyed the idea of never growing up and being free. I always thought skateboarding was one of those hobbies that


Reebok Chicago - "So Far...So Good"

Reebok Chicago was a show based at the Reebok Chicagoland location. Hosted by Sentrock it displayed various customized Reebok shoes by talented Chicago artists. I wanted to create a graphic cartoon feel to these shoes. I produced a colorful and cool theme that would make anyone take a second look at these shoes.

reebok_sr-14 (1).jpg